Style Corner

Tank - Zara
Bag - Zara
Shoe - Steve Madden
Home Decor - The Hunted Interior
Necklace - Anthropologie
Clutch - Kate Spade
Jacket and T-shirt - The Hunt

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Pattern Play: Chevrons


Pumpkins: Brightnest
Chairs: Craftiness Is Not Optional
Shoes: Obaz
Cake: Weddingbells
Skirt: Spokane Bride Blog
Cuff: Refinery 29
Pinwheels: The Plunge Project
Pillow: The Frosted Petticoat
Table Decor: Party Resources
Invitations: Wedding Wire

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Designer Spotlight: Heidi Elnora

Inspired by southern elegance infused with Parisian fashion from her trip abroad earlier this year, Heidi Elnora’s Spring 2014 wedding gown collection offered some deliciously new silhouettes and chic hem lengths- leaving retailers and journalists hungry for another helpin'.

Among Heidi’s many bold choices with this collection, what caught our attention most were the hem lengths, pattern cuts and impeccable fabric choices. The high- low hem of "Katrina Arnold", moved like waves breaking on sand and left us wanting more. The organza used on "Angela Jett" mimicked the airiness of a daffodil. The grande finale featured hand painted water color inspired design come to life on silk in the "Valerie Lynn" {named after her momma}.

Needless to say, we are so proud to represent Alabama designer Heidi Elnora at Finery!

{Send us a note at to schedule an appointment to try on Heidi Elnora.}  

Katrina Arnold - Heidi Elnora 
Jen Abbott - Heidi Elnora 
Valerie Lynn - Heidi Elnora 

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Style Crush: Deco

The First Dance - 100 Day Wedding
The Great Gatsby Poster - Roger Ebert
The Window - Weddings Illustrated
Cocktail Dress - Love, Life and Cartwheels
Reception Decor - Style Unveiled 
Wedding Dress - Green Wedding Shoes
Invitation - Style at Home
Art Deco Fashion - Ana Montiel
Dance With Me (1910) - Sven Brasch

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Welcoming Rafael Cennamo!

Over the past few markets we've been teased by the visage of contemporary couture by designer Rafael Cennamo. We've stalked him, talked to him, laughed with him and then finally over Diet Cokes and Red Bull decided that we wanted to partner with him-so we wrote our order for his Fall 2013 Collection. He's dressed celebrities on the red carpet and off and is rapidly gaining press popularity inside and outside the bridal industry.

Recently we spotted Katie Perry rocking his floor length pearl adorned sheath with Jon Mayer! We are thrilled to add his collection to the Finery line up-check his couture looks out here.

Dress One - Rafael Cennamo
Dress Two - Rafael Cennamo
Dress Three -
Dress Four - Rafael Cennamo
Photo - US Magazine
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Glove Language

In the Victorian era to almost present day, it wasn't deemed "proper" for a lady to approach a gentleman and initiate a conversation.  So without risking being scorn with the scarlet letter, women wised up and decided to let inanimate objects do the talkin'. “Flirtation codes” became the new slang-uage used  to hook, line and sinking the man.  

With 1920's deco fashion continuing to pace strong in bridal, we thought we'd give the ladies a "refresher" on glove language. 

Stop text messaging, put some gloves on and try these moves out for size....

*Twirling one’s gloves around her fingers:  “We are being watched!”
*Holding the tips of the gloves downward: "I wish to be acquainted..”
*Gently smoothing the gloves:  “I wish I were with you.”; “I’d like to talk with you.”
*Holding one’s gloves loosely in her right hand: “Be contented!”
*Holding one’s gloves loosely in her left hand: “I am satisfied.”
*Striking one’s gloves over her hands: “I am displeased!”
*Tossing one’s gloves up gently: “I am engaged.”
*Tapping one’s chin with her chin: “I love another.”
*Dropping one of her gloves: “Yes!”
*Dropping both gloves: “I love you.”
*Turning the wrong side of one’s gloves outward: “I hate you!!”
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