Save the {Wedding} Day

What does a glass of red wine, a muggy September afternoon, and an entree flavored with a bit too much garlic have in common? They all have the potential to wreak havoc on your big day. Not to fear, we have a list of items that are here to save your wedding day from these mild catastrophes. {You might want to pass this along to your MoH...}

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His & Her: Packing for the 'Moon

The week of your wedding is one of the most hectic weeks you'll ever experience. Every vendor wants to touch base, friends and family are arriving in town, last minute this, that, or the other are happening, and somehow in the middle of all of this you're supposed to pack for your honeymoon. Whether it's being done by you, the MoH/BM, or your future mother-in-law, we've got a checklist to ensure ease through packing. Before we get to the checklist, here are some things you'll want to ask yourselves:
- What is the weather forecast at your destination?
- Do you have reservations to any nice dinners/events?
- Are you planning on doing any outdoors activities?
- Are you going to be walking around a lot?

With this checklist, you'll want to tailor each of these items  to your own trip...

- One Outfit for every day, plus one extra {include days of travel}
- One Outfit for each evening, a bit nicer if you plan to go to a fancy dinner {maybe just a change from jeans to slacks}
- Undergarments & Socks
- Shoes for each activity {Tennis Shoes, Hiking Boots, Walking Shoes, Snow Boots, Loafers...}
- A Swimsuit & Hat {or a couple depending on your destination}
- Light Jacket and/or Coat {depending on where you're going}
- PJs
- Accessories {Wrist Watch, Ties, Bow Ties, Suspenders, Cuff Links...}

- One Outfit for every day, plus one extra {include days of travel}
- One Outfit for each evening {some nicer dresses if you plan to go to fancy dinners}
- Undergarments & Socks
- Shoes for each activity {heels, tennis shoes, sandals, hiking/snow boots, good walking shoes}
- A Swimsuit & Cover-up {or a couple depending on your destination}
- Cardigan, Light Jacket, and/or Coat {depending on where you're going}
- Cosmetics & Makeup Remover
- Hair Products & Accessories
- PJs
- Lady Products {especially if you're traveling over seas}

His & Her:
- Passport/Driver's License
- Toiletries:
  - Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  - Deodorant
  - Shampoo & Conditioner {although sometimes hotels will provide these}
  - Face-wash and Moisturizer 
  - Hair brush/comb
  - Hair products
  - Razors & Shaving Cream
  - Glasses or Contact-Lens cases
- Sunscreen & Sunglasses 
- Umbrellas or Ponchos
- Small bag or backpack for excursions
- Medicine {headaches, allergies, stomach aches, bandaids, motion sickness, etc...}
- Electronics & Chargers {and convertors if going to another country}
- Travel Guide & Any Tickets or E-Confirmations

Just in case anything happens, it is always wise to leave a copy of your trip itinerary and phone numbers you can be reached at during the trip. Other than that, bon voyage and enjoy the well deserved vacation!

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A {Gift} for You

For the past month you've heard us get more and more excited about our upcoming One Year Anniversary. We let you know that if you made appointments with the shop, checked in with us or shared certain posts on Facebook, retweeted us on Twitter, or just simply stopped by our boutique you'd be entered to win some gifts. We folks, it's finally that time! Finery's One Year Anniversary: A Week of Giving Back begins tomorrow. Each day you have the opportunity to win, so get to liking and sharing! May the odds ever be in your favor...

Monday's Gifts:
2 subscriptions to No'Ala Magazine
 A Gift Certificate to Personal Couture
Makeup done by Professional Artist Stacey Spearman
A Boudoir Shoot with Sweet Roots Photography

Tuesday's Gifts:
 2 Gift Certificates to Personal Couture
2 subscriptions to No'Ala Magazine
Vintage Vows Weddings, with Christy Nunnelee
Gift certificate from W*ink for handkerchief, bags, & invites

Wednesday's Gifts:
"Tying the Knot" Gift Set from Fantastic Elastic Co.
A Mini Session with The White Rabbit Studios
 A Gift Certificate to Personal Couture
Something special from Eva Ziegler Jewelry

Thursday's Gifts:
2 subscriptions to No'Ala Magazine along with a gift bag & CDs
A Gift Certificate to Personal Couture
$300 gift certificate for products/sessions, fees, or a wedding package from Kerry Brooks Photography
An iPod nano from Steve Metz, {aka DJ Stevie Mix}

Friday's Gifts:
Discount on Vintage Rentals from Fete & Riot
A sweet gift from Mo's Bows
4 subscriptions to No'Ala Magazine
An amazing Facial with Dr. DeGraaff

Big thanks to all of our generous donors! Please share the love with them by visiting their businesses and "liking" their Facebook pages!

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Posh in {Purple}

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On the Runway - Off the Rack

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No Budge in the Budget

Rule of thumb is that you should always go with your instinct. That initial feeling always turns out to be right in the end, but it's even more important when it comes to something like a budget...especially a wedding budget. When planning for an event there are so many aspects and (not to make you blood pressure rise) planning for a wedding might be the biggest thing you ever do plan. From the venue to your dress, you can make everything you need for a perfect wedding fit into your budget, so the key is knowing what is necessary to making it happen and what can be tossed. Here are a few pointers to help you stay right at {or under} your planned budget...

1. Have a Plan: Before you start purchasing anything dealing with your wedding you must plan a budget. How will you do this? You will get in touch with anyone who is helping pay for anything and politely, yet bluntly, ask them for their price points. Once you've got their budgets, you can figure out yours. Next, look at how long your engagement is and your monthly income. How much can you {reasonable} save each month to put towards everything? Do not lie to yourself and overshoot, because nothing is more depressing than interest rates on a credit card.

2. Sample Sale Season: You're in luck if your shopping for dresses right now, because this is when many boutiques {like Finery}want to make room for their favorite designer's new Fall collections. You can find amazing deals on some fabulous gowns.

3. Fresh Faces: There are always up and coming musicians, photographers, videographers, bakers, caterers, etc. that have much lower price points than the established and extremely experienced veterans of their trades. If you find someone with a strong portfolio/resume/recommendation and who is very talented and passionate about what he/she does, it could save you {literally} hundreds in your budget.

4. Know Where to Cut: Do you remember the favor from the last wedding you went to? What even happened to it? Sometimes it's okay to not give your guests favors. Sometimes it's okay to order the cheaper under fabric on your dress, because you couldn't even tell the difference. It's certainly okay to only serve wine or beer...or neither if your friends and family aren't big drinkers. The point is, there are things that you can cut, and whatever you choose, it will be totally okay.

5. Stick to the Plan: Can we put an emphasis on this "plan" thing? Yes, while you are doing all your shopping and meeting and swiping of your credit card you're thinking, "Well, I'm only going to do this once! Go big or go home!"; however if you have to take a second mortgage out on that "home" to pay for an extravagant wedding, you might want to reconsider. Stick to your plan, because after the honeymoon you are starting a new life together, which should be a happy time and not the time to worry about debt.

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Heidi Elnora Sample Sale

Get excited...the time has come to make room for the new Heidi Elnora collection! 
Our sample sale is on now through September 27th, the beginning of our Heidi Elnora Trunk Show. 
Appointments can be made by calling 256.429.3429 or emailing
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Yaki Ravid Trunk Show

We feel that no words are really needed to describe the amazing gowns of Yaki Ravid, so we'll let these pictures do the talking. Excited for this trunk show which will be at Finery the first weekend of December {12/5-12/7}! 

It's never to early to schedule your appointment... | 256.429.3429
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Time for a {Celebration}

We are so happy to announce that Finery will be turning ONE a month from today! This calls for a big ole' celebration, so for the time leading up to September 12th any bride who schedules an appointment with us, or patron who checks in to the shop, will be entered in to win some fabulous gifts. (We're talking great vendors from the area, as well as little ditties from yours truly.) The gifts will be raffled off the week of our Anniversary, and we invite all of our beautiful brides (past, present, & future), friends, and family to stop by the shop for drinks, treats, and fun.

For any questions or interest, please call us at 256.429.3429 or email us at

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Know Your {Timeline}

Congrats, you’re engaged!

...Now what?

Figuring out the timeline leading up to your wedding is the key to a successful and seamless event. There is so much to plan and numerous small details to figure out to make your big day perfect, but where do you even start? (This is of course where we recommend working with an experienced Wedding Planner and/or studio like Finery.) Just to give you an idea of what needs to happen, here is a typical timeline after the proposal...

10 to 12 Months Before the Wedding

- Decide on your budget
- Start your guest list
- Reserve your date, venues, and officiate
- Start meeting with bands/DJs, florists, caterers, and photographers
- If you plan to have an Engagement Party it should be held within 2 to 4 months of the proposal
- Hire your wedding planner

8 to 9 Months Before the Wedding

- Hire your band/DJ, florist, caterer, and photographer
- Purchase your dress and start looking at bridesmaid’s dresses
- Register for gifts
- Set the dates for the rest of your parties (teas, showers, bachelorette, etc.)
- Order Save-the-Dates

6 to 7 Months Before the Wedding

- Block off hotel rooms for out of town guests
- Select bridesmaid’s dresses
- Send out Save-the-Dates
- Order wedding invitations and wedding cake
- Send a guest list to the host(s) of your bridal shower, tea, and/or bachelorette 

4 to 5 Months Before the Wedding

- Schedule your hair and make-up artist
- Your Bridal Shower should happen around this time
- Start writing up your timeline for the wedding weekend
- Get together with your band or DJ with song selections

2 to 3 Months Before the Wedding

- Have the bachelorette party
- Finalize all orders (flowers, favors, programs, etc.)
- Send out invitations

4 to 6 Weeks Before the Wedding

- Send the newspaper your wedding announcement
- Review all orders with vendors
- Touch base with band/DJ and the photographer
- Send out rehearsal dinner invitations
- Begin the list of RSVPs

Week of the Wedding

- Have a list of tasks that can be given out to those wishing to help
- Double check with all the vendors on pick up/drop off/arrival times
- Send your final head count or guest list to the caterer
- Have your Bridal Luncheon
- Oh and...get married!
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The {Wedding} Planner

Remember that cheesy movie with Jennifer Lopez and her huge Mary Poppins purse with everything you could ever need? Now think about all of the events leading up to your big day, not to mention the wedding itself... You have to admit, things will go so much smoother if you hire a wedding planner.

Here are the {Top 5} reasons we believe hiring a wedding planner is a must.

1. Your wedding planner is not related to you. Bringing someone onto your team who is not your mother, sister, or even your best friend from 6th grade can keep the waters calm.

2. She has done this before. How many events has your planner coordinated? Plenty. She will know what typically works and what doesn’t, how to stay within budget, and various other important things.

3. She has the timeline down to a T. She knows when each party should be, when to send out the Save-the-Dates, when every toast, dance, and cake cutting should take place….the list goes on and on.

4. You’re hiring someone to do the large AND small stuff. The time leading up to your wedding is already foreign enough without including the myriad of customs that take place. By having a wedding planner, you know that everything is taken care of and no stone will go unturned.

5. You have a professional opinion. Remember a few years back when that hot pink bridesmaid’s dress craze happened. You’re hiring someone to guide you away from…that. A professional can help you see past the fad and guide you back to your dream wedding.

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