Behind the Shoe

{photo courtesy of Atelier Rousseau}

Chalk it up to another one of our "aha" moments...
Inspired by one of our bride's grandparents wedding photo of the 1940's we realized that we had  to incorporate this deep rooted symbol of tradition into our name.

Here's the story behind the horseshoe and why we've grown so attached:

"As legend goes, the 10th Century Archbishop of Canterbury, St. Dunstan, a former blacksmith, was fortunate to outwit the devil! It is believed the devil approached St. Dunstan to shoe his hoof; St.Dunstan realised his customer was the devil and nailed the shoe on as painfully as he could, causing the devil to beg for mercy. St. Dunstan agreed to remove the shoe on condition that the devil agreed to never enter a place where a horseshoe was hung. Thus, the horseshoe became a symbol of good fortune! Furthermore, in Ancient Greece, it was believed a horseshoe lucky, as the shape suggested the crescent of a new moon – thought to be a symbol of fertility and prosperity."

Lucky for you (no pun intended) we collaborated with London based garter designer, Atelier Rousseau who incorporated a mini horseshoe in her design. We also carry her wedding horseshoes for you to carry down the aisle and then afterwards hang within your home.  Place the horseshoe facing up – to hold the luck in or upside down so that the luck pours onto you. If hung above a door, anyone who crosses through the same door which the horseshoe is hung, are thought to take some luck with them!
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 Interesting seating chart idea for a rehearsal dinner we're working on later this year. Pretty..... Pin It

Inside The Finery Logo Design

Our designer, Rachel Wiles, goes in-depth about designing Finery's logo, branding and website on her blog, Benign Objects. Read all about it here. Pin It


We've been crazy busy with all things Finery lately. But don't worry, big things are on the horizon for all YOU lovely ladies that want that something special on your  extra special day. So in order to meet the requests and standards of our Finery friends we are headed off to collaborate with a certain designer  on a custom lingerie line made exclusive for Finery!

You know what that means right? A bespoke approach to underpinnings-before the wedding and beyond.

In the mean time, I leave you with this...
Olia Zavozina

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market: part 1

We came, we saw and conquered until now...due to our current predicament we will be back to our regular blog schedule tomorrow. Can we get a police escort? 

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Lucky Friday the 13th

A little shop warming luck given to us by our sweet friends at Benign Objects we can't wait to hang it over our thresh hold. 
In the mean time, wish us luck! We're off to market for the weekend in search of more fabulous-ness to add to the collection. We'll keep you updated on our finds. 

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W.Ink Wednesday: Tangerine Tango & Turquoise

From top left: Smock's Ossa invitation, order here; Caribbean chiffon strapless A-line bridesmaid gown, Jim Hjelm; Camilla peeptoe patent, Tim Baker; Macarons photographed by Julie Skarratt via Inspired by This; Custom printed muslin favor bags by Benign Objects, also available at W.Ink; Peonies via Apartment Therapy; Cake by Gimme Some Sugar, photo by Simply Bloom Photography; Kendra Scott Zola Earrings at Nordstrom; Lanterns from Luna Bazaar.
Welcome to the first ever W.Ink Wednesday. is Finery's paper & design best friend. You can read more about here. In the meantime, each Wednesday will share some paper or design-related eye candy with you all.

Without further ado, today we're inspired by Smock Paper's beautifully letterpressed Ossa* invitation.

*W.Ink carries the entire beautiful Smock Paper invitation line, which includes Ossa. To set up your own private consultation and viewing, please click here.

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Good design  is all about evolving. Everything needs a little face lift after years of use and abuse, which is precisely why you should add coffee filters to your grocery list this week and get to craftin'.   This EASY and cost effective project transforms an ordinary (some may even call overdone) paper lantern pendant into a pretty amazing focal point. 

A paper lantern -any size and shape will work
Hot glue gun
Coffee filters-lots of them, it took about 400 for the one above

*The key is to scrunch your filters up and glue them tightly to get that ruffled effect.
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The way they were...

First came Suri,
Then came a lavish wedding...(I die for that Armani dress)
(Enter Posh with a dose of Haute couture)
Not even the powers of Givenchy could keep them together.
Who could divorce Maverick?
I wonder if he tried to change her mind by bustin' a few old dance moves? After all, he had her at "Hello".
OK, I'm out.

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4th of July sparklers

Finery's interpretation of 4th of July fireworks-hand beaded sashes! The perfect way to add a little sparkle to your look whether tied around the waist or worn as a head band. 
One word = GORGEOUS. 

Wishing you a safe and happy 4th! 

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Pretty Haute: Bridal Capes!

Bridal capes are the most coveted cover up for Spring/Summer 2012 weddings. Tulle or sheer with lace or horsehair trim these capes add just enough edge to your look without taking away from the gown.
            Check it:

The high neck and graduated length of the two above have a vintage yet timeless feel. 

{Kristi Bonnoci, He Loves Me He Loves Me Not Cape}
Short and sheer capes=fun and flirty by adding a little cover to the arms and could EASILY be paired with skinny jeans a silk tank and heels for a night out after the festivities. 

{Raimon Bundo}If you're looking for the wow factor for a cover up consider a sheer, floor-length cape. This look is embodies elegance and glamour with a smidge of 'diva' thrown in for good measure. They're not for everyone, obviously, statement pieces rarely are but if you have the height and the confidence to pull it off, then by all means  rock this look and OWN it. 
 The piece de resistance, leave it to Oscar to take it one step further and over the top. 
It's a lot of look but she pulls it off.
Go girl.
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