Pretty Haute: Bridal Capes!

Bridal capes are the most coveted cover up for Spring/Summer 2012 weddings. Tulle or sheer with lace or horsehair trim these capes add just enough edge to your look without taking away from the gown.
            Check it:

The high neck and graduated length of the two above have a vintage yet timeless feel. 

{Kristi Bonnoci, He Loves Me He Loves Me Not Cape}
Short and sheer capes=fun and flirty by adding a little cover to the arms and could EASILY be paired with skinny jeans a silk tank and heels for a night out after the festivities. 

{Raimon Bundo}If you're looking for the wow factor for a cover up consider a sheer, floor-length cape. This look is embodies elegance and glamour with a smidge of 'diva' thrown in for good measure. They're not for everyone, obviously, statement pieces rarely are but if you have the height and the confidence to pull it off, then by all means  rock this look and OWN it. 
 The piece de resistance, leave it to Oscar to take it one step further and over the top. 
It's a lot of look but she pulls it off.
Go girl.
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