Behind the Shoe

{photo courtesy of Atelier Rousseau}

Chalk it up to another one of our "aha" moments...
Inspired by one of our bride's grandparents wedding photo of the 1940's we realized that we had  to incorporate this deep rooted symbol of tradition into our name.

Here's the story behind the horseshoe and why we've grown so attached:

"As legend goes, the 10th Century Archbishop of Canterbury, St. Dunstan, a former blacksmith, was fortunate to outwit the devil! It is believed the devil approached St. Dunstan to shoe his hoof; St.Dunstan realised his customer was the devil and nailed the shoe on as painfully as he could, causing the devil to beg for mercy. St. Dunstan agreed to remove the shoe on condition that the devil agreed to never enter a place where a horseshoe was hung. Thus, the horseshoe became a symbol of good fortune! Furthermore, in Ancient Greece, it was believed a horseshoe lucky, as the shape suggested the crescent of a new moon – thought to be a symbol of fertility and prosperity."

Lucky for you (no pun intended) we collaborated with London based garter designer, Atelier Rousseau who incorporated a mini horseshoe in her design. We also carry her wedding horseshoes for you to carry down the aisle and then afterwards hang within your home.  Place the horseshoe facing up – to hold the luck in or upside down so that the luck pours onto you. If hung above a door, anyone who crosses through the same door which the horseshoe is hung, are thought to take some luck with them!
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