Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

Does she make your top three?
Know your wedding gown budget and where it compares with the other elements of your wedding.

Early bird gets the worm.
Start early!  It usually takes anywhere from 12 to 18 weeks when ordering a gown, and {usually} another 1 to 2 months for alterations.  To avoid costly rush fees, get an early jump on dress shopping!  Make your bridal appointments with boutiques and begin the hunt!

Support squad!
Like a good bra, you’re going to need support! It doesn’t take an army or every family member on your side AND his, just a few people that you love and trust.  Too many opinions in the dressing room can be stressful. 

Know your body type. 
Specific dress silhouettes are more comfortable and flattering for specific body shapes. {The end, period.}  When trying on gowns, different shapes will invoke different emotions.  It is crucial in understanding how you feel in each dress and how each one flatters you differently and what looks best on your curves. 

Is it venue appropriate?
Once you set your date and book your venue, it will be much easier to eliminate dress choices while shopping if you can close your eyes and simply picture yourself on your wedding day…standing next to your husband-to-be- whether in a church or by the sea! 

Proper “foundations”.
Undergarments and shapers can make such a difference for our "lovely lady lumps".  Trick to looking red carpet flawless? Go get measured for a low-back, strapless bra and a great body shaper-they do amazing things for the body! 

Express yourself!
Be mindful of your theme and venue, but don’t lose sight of your personality.  Given that your wedding and reception will more than likely reflect your personal flare, make sure and find a style of gown that you love that you can feel yourself in.  

You set the tone, everyone else follows suit.
Formal?  Casual?  It's your choice. Don’t worry about “rules” or what is expected- you choose what you love and everyone else will dress accordingly {except for Uncle Bill {who} no matter what special occasion thinks Levi's can be dressed up.}

Photo by Fifties Wedding
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Bon Appe-chic!

Have you every thought about your cake mimicking your dress? Here are some great dress inspired cakes to spark your creativity.

Cake 2: Pintrest
Cake 3: [Bitsy] Bride
Cake 5: Nik Nak Shak
Cake 8: [Bitsy] Bride
Cake 11: IMG Fave
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Once Wed: Maidens

We pretty much adore anything that Ginny Au with "Bits and Bobs"has a hand in. So when she contacted us to provide the bridal look for this fantastic shoot- we jumped at the chance!  

Check out the full feature here! In the mean time, enjoy. 

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Not Your Mama's Veil

In recent years, less is more in the bridal headdress department... way more! Trending more recently are thoughtful, more ethereal pieces that help to add a subtle-sense of intrigue and depth to the overall bridal ensemble.

Ladies who do happen to choose a veil, are opting for clever amounts of volume and length, rather then full on 80s "Madonna" bridal-glam. Remember, the modern veil is not for covering or "unveiling", but rather to compliment the intricate detail within the bride's gown. 

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April Showers Bring Neon Flowers

Accenting with a "pop" of electricity ensures no shortage of wattage in the haute department. Most notable during its reign in the punk-a-delic 80's, neon hues are back and reaping havoc from the runway to  break dancing to the beats of Beastie Boys "No Sleep till Brooklyn"!   

 No doubt that the gals at Finery are truer than TRUE fans of this trend, however, being the delicate flowers that we claim to be- we have found a more socially conscious way of rockin' this look without busting the speakers in your car. 

After a winter of earth tones and casserole benders add a pop of neon to your look with a bold shoe or a statement tote!  Make sure to sport an electric-pink lip with a neutral eye before you head out this evening.

Yo DJ, play that funky music....Are you the boldest of brides? Then choose a palette that’ll have everyone reaching for their wayfarers.  Check out this electric-neon wedding, notice how strategic pops of neon are placed next to muted tones of pastel and ivory- a look that not only screams “euro chic”, but is wedding appropriate as well.

Bow tie - Tied Bow Blog
Dress - Luxemi
Lips - Sister Disco
Sign - Trendland
Invitations -
Shoes - Prada
Mini Dress - A Low Country Wedding

Flowers - All Women Stalk
Necklace - Splenderosa
Cake - Ruffled 
Glasses - All Women Stalk
Tags - 3D Memoirs
Purse - Neiman Marcus
Chair - Pinterest
Place Setting - One Fab Day
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Color Crush: Rose Gold

Its no secret that the unbridled bunch at Finery chooses to see the world through rose-colored glasses – and what a beautiful world it is! One thing that we have noticed, even after the glasses come off, the rose remains…but with hints of gold!
We're crushing on the color trend: rose gold!                                                                               

Dress {Available at Finery} – Sarah Seven
Wedding Bells - Chancey Charm
Shoes - Pinterest 
Boutonniere - Zsa Zsa Bellagio
Cake  - Fonda LaShay
Table Displays – Sweet as Candy
Bubbles - Hostess with the Mostess Blog
Blush and Gold Materials - Jessica Tierney Blog
Couch and Flowers - Style Me Pretty
Perfume {Available at Finery} – Tocca
Reception Table - WedLuxe Magazine
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