The {Wedding} Planner

Remember that cheesy movie with Jennifer Lopez and her huge Mary Poppins purse with everything you could ever need? Now think about all of the events leading up to your big day, not to mention the wedding itself... You have to admit, things will go so much smoother if you hire a wedding planner.

Here are the {Top 5} reasons we believe hiring a wedding planner is a must.

1. Your wedding planner is not related to you. Bringing someone onto your team who is not your mother, sister, or even your best friend from 6th grade can keep the waters calm.

2. She has done this before. How many events has your planner coordinated? Plenty. She will know what typically works and what doesn’t, how to stay within budget, and various other important things.

3. She has the timeline down to a T. She knows when each party should be, when to send out the Save-the-Dates, when every toast, dance, and cake cutting should take place….the list goes on and on.

4. You’re hiring someone to do the large AND small stuff. The time leading up to your wedding is already foreign enough without including the myriad of customs that take place. By having a wedding planner, you know that everything is taken care of and no stone will go unturned.

5. You have a professional opinion. Remember a few years back when that hot pink bridesmaid’s dress craze happened. You’re hiring someone to guide you away from…that. A professional can help you see past the fad and guide you back to your dream wedding.

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