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Rule of thumb is that you should always go with your instinct. That initial feeling always turns out to be right in the end, but it's even more important when it comes to something like a budget...especially a wedding budget. When planning for an event there are so many aspects and (not to make you blood pressure rise) planning for a wedding might be the biggest thing you ever do plan. From the venue to your dress, you can make everything you need for a perfect wedding fit into your budget, so the key is knowing what is necessary to making it happen and what can be tossed. Here are a few pointers to help you stay right at {or under} your planned budget...

1. Have a Plan: Before you start purchasing anything dealing with your wedding you must plan a budget. How will you do this? You will get in touch with anyone who is helping pay for anything and politely, yet bluntly, ask them for their price points. Once you've got their budgets, you can figure out yours. Next, look at how long your engagement is and your monthly income. How much can you {reasonable} save each month to put towards everything? Do not lie to yourself and overshoot, because nothing is more depressing than interest rates on a credit card.

2. Sample Sale Season: You're in luck if your shopping for dresses right now, because this is when many boutiques {like Finery}want to make room for their favorite designer's new Fall collections. You can find amazing deals on some fabulous gowns.

3. Fresh Faces: There are always up and coming musicians, photographers, videographers, bakers, caterers, etc. that have much lower price points than the established and extremely experienced veterans of their trades. If you find someone with a strong portfolio/resume/recommendation and who is very talented and passionate about what he/she does, it could save you {literally} hundreds in your budget.

4. Know Where to Cut: Do you remember the favor from the last wedding you went to? What even happened to it? Sometimes it's okay to not give your guests favors. Sometimes it's okay to order the cheaper under fabric on your dress, because you couldn't even tell the difference. It's certainly okay to only serve wine or beer...or neither if your friends and family aren't big drinkers. The point is, there are things that you can cut, and whatever you choose, it will be totally okay.

5. Stick to the Plan: Can we put an emphasis on this "plan" thing? Yes, while you are doing all your shopping and meeting and swiping of your credit card you're thinking, "Well, I'm only going to do this once! Go big or go home!"; however if you have to take a second mortgage out on that "home" to pay for an extravagant wedding, you might want to reconsider. Stick to your plan, because after the honeymoon you are starting a new life together, which should be a happy time and not the time to worry about debt.

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