Designer Spotlight: Heidi Elnora

Inspired by southern elegance infused with Parisian fashion from her trip abroad earlier this year, Heidi Elnora’s Spring 2014 wedding gown collection offered some deliciously new silhouettes and chic hem lengths- leaving retailers and journalists hungry for another helpin'.

Among Heidi’s many bold choices with this collection, what caught our attention most were the hem lengths, pattern cuts and impeccable fabric choices. The high- low hem of "Katrina Arnold", moved like waves breaking on sand and left us wanting more. The organza used on "Angela Jett" mimicked the airiness of a daffodil. The grande finale featured hand painted water color inspired design come to life on silk in the "Valerie Lynn" {named after her momma}.

Needless to say, we are so proud to represent Alabama designer Heidi Elnora at Finery!

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Katrina Arnold - Heidi Elnora 
Jen Abbott - Heidi Elnora 
Valerie Lynn - Heidi Elnora 

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