Glove Language

In the Victorian era to almost present day, it wasn't deemed "proper" for a lady to approach a gentleman and initiate a conversation.  So without risking being scorn with the scarlet letter, women wised up and decided to let inanimate objects do the talkin'. “Flirtation codes” became the new slang-uage used  to hook, line and sinking the man.  

With 1920's deco fashion continuing to pace strong in bridal, we thought we'd give the ladies a "refresher" on glove language. 

Stop text messaging, put some gloves on and try these moves out for size....

*Twirling one’s gloves around her fingers:  “We are being watched!”
*Holding the tips of the gloves downward: "I wish to be acquainted..”
*Gently smoothing the gloves:  “I wish I were with you.”; “I’d like to talk with you.”
*Holding one’s gloves loosely in her right hand: “Be contented!”
*Holding one’s gloves loosely in her left hand: “I am satisfied.”
*Striking one’s gloves over her hands: “I am displeased!”
*Tossing one’s gloves up gently: “I am engaged.”
*Tapping one’s chin with her chin: “I love another.”
*Dropping one of her gloves: “Yes!”
*Dropping both gloves: “I love you.”
*Turning the wrong side of one’s gloves outward: “I hate you!!”
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