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Hello dear friends of Finery! We hope that you all get to see your name up here on our {Gifts Given} blog! We are so happy that y'all are able to help us celebrate Finery's One Year Anniversary: A Week of Giving Back. We cannot find better words than "thank you" to express our gratitude to all of you who have helped us reach this week of celebration. {Here's to many more!} And now, the Gifts Given...

Monday's Gifts:

2 subscriptions to No'Ala Magazine 
Given to Beth Pryor Hamilton & Sarah Johnson

 A Gift Certificate to Personal Couture
Given to Sarah Pearse

Makeup done by Professional Artist Stacey Spearman
Given to Amy Price

A Boudoir Shoot with Sweet Roots Photography
She's Keeping it a Surprise to her Groom!

Tuesday's Gifts:

2 Gift Certificates to Personal Couture
Given to Chelsea Mitchell & Savannah L. Smith

2 subscriptions to No'Ala Magazine
Carrie Bilyou & Brianna Gail Bolden

Vintage Vows Weddings, with Christy Nunnelee
Rebecca Harmon

Gift certificate from W*ink for handkerchief, bags, & invites
Katie Swann

Wednesday's Gifts:

"Tying the Knot" Gift Set from Fantastic Elastic Co.
Erin Teal Elliot

A Mini Secession with The White Rabbit Studios
Stephanie Koesters

 A Gift Certificate to Personal Couture
Lauren Steele

Something special from Eva Ziegler Jewelry
Nicole Emerson Arsenault

Thursday's Gifts:

Goodies from Lynn's Gracious Goodness
Kate Breitbach

2 subscriptions to No'Ala Magazine along with a gift bag & CDs
Anna Prescott DiPlacido & Cynthia Stack Harmon

A Gift Certificate to Personal Couture
Kelley McCormick

$300 gift certificate for products/sessions, fees, or a wedding package from Kerry Brooks Photography
Tristan Lane

An iPod nano from Steve Metz, {aka DJ Stevie Mix}
Court McFadden

Friday's Gifts:

Discount on Vintage Rentals from Fete & Riot
Nancy Kate

A sweet gift from Mo's Bows

4 subscriptions to No'Ala Magazine

An amazing Facial with Dr. DeGraaff

Fringe Gift Cards!

...more to come tomorrow!
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