What an extraordinary year of "firsts"! As we reflect back on "A Year of Finery" we can't help but smile behind joyful tears.

When we opened Finery's doors last year, we envisioned becoming more than just a bridal shoppe-we wanted customers to feel at home and for bride's to have an opportunity to "tell their story" and to bring to life all of the visions dancing in our clients heads. Finery's concept of offering "one-on-one" appointments was foreign to business consultants who {in all fairness} are here to keep us "in business". However, this simple throwback approach to retail and personal shopping has become our mission. We think if we can get back to REAL human connections and interaction then we have fulfilled what we sought out to do in the the bridal boutique market.  We are proud to say that since inception, we continue to build phenomenal connections friendships with everyone that cross our threshold. I mean, who wouldn't be humbled by that? We get to go home every day and tell our family's about "the new friends" we met that day! Sure there have been challenges and growing pains but no one ever said it would be "easy", they said it would be "worth it". We couldn't agree more.

To list everyone who helped us make it to this very point would be queuing the music during those lengthy Oscar speeches, so we will just say this: "THANK YOU SO MUCH."

We can't wait to see what comes next. We love and appreciate you all...

Love & Luck,
Madeline Boswell and the "Fillies" of Finery

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