Honoring Your Maid-of-Honor

 You’ve asked your best friend if she will stand next to you the day you marry the man you love; but what else are you asking her? The months leading up to your wedding will be filled with showers, teas, luncheons, etc. and as she accepts the honorable position, she is also agreeing to plan and aid you in essentially everything. Here are a few pointers to smooth sailing through all the preparation…

- {Communication} is key. The more straight forward you are about what you want, the easier it will be for her to arrange your events.

- Do not feel like a burden. If your Maid of Honor offers to host one of the numerous parties that lead up to your wedding day, let her. This goes for family members and close family friends, too. If they offer to entertain your guests, view it as a {gift} and not as an encumbrance.

- {Delegation} is a wonderful thing. When sitting down and planning everything out with your Maid of Honor, remember that there are more than the two of you. If there are others that have expressed interest in helping, assign them tasks that they will enjoy. This is also where an experienced Wedding Planner/Event Coordinator can be a big help.

- Do not get caught up in the preparation. Once the planning is over, your job is to attend and {enjoy} the events. Other people might have an opinion, but this is about what you want. Devise a plan with your Maid of Honor so that no soirée becomes too arduous.

- There might be some bumps in the road, but that’s what friends are for. This is a really overwhelming time. If you ever feel any anxiety, call up your Maid of Honor and talk it out. Also, remind yourself what all of these events are about: you and your fiancé being celebrated for the {love} you share. 

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