Food for Thought: Pre {Wedding} Worthy Snacks

Pre-Wedding jitters can send a {blushing bride} into a frenzy, worrying over last minute details and miniscule subtleties - especially if the bride has a long day ahead of her. Weddings that fall at, before, or after a suggested meal time for the bride can cause a grumbly stomach to make a grouchy appearance. Maids and Matrons of Honor, however, are sure to have a healthy and tasteful treat for the bride and bridal party to munch on. 

The main problem with most snack foods is that they can cause bloating or will not give the bride the sustenance she needs to survive the big day. Here are some easy fixes to that problem.

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1. {Yogurt} The best type to purchase is organic greek yogurt. Need a little more flavor? Add some diced papaya! Papaya's have healthy enzymes that aid digestion, making you feel full, and still fit perfectly into the dress.

2. {Fruit Plate} In a rush? Or just have a bride who adores fruit? A fruit plate is simple and easy. The best fruits to combine are {watermelon} which is loaded with water to fight bloat and has less that one hundred calories per wedge, has a sweet flavor without all the added sugar. Throw in some {bananas} for some high potassium, to prevent puffing. Also, {red grapes} to satisfy the sweet tooth, without feeling like you made a bad decision. 

3. {Iced Drink} Have a coffee or tea drinker on your hand? Then a water-packed Iced Tea or Coffee can do the trick. Just don't put many/any sugar packets in it. 

4. {Nuts} Almonds or Pistachios are wonderful snacks, that give you just enough of a salty taste, but fight bloating at the same time. A good combination would be to add some fruit with the almonds, like an {apple} to give enough calcium and protein for the bride to sustain throughout the day.

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5. {String Cheese} Believe it or not, dairy will not make you bloat - unless you happen to be lactose intolerant. If so, steer clear. If not, some string cheese and almonds make for a perfect pre-wedding filler. 

6. {Meat} Looking for something to make you fuller, yet not as many calories as say beef? Fish or Chicken is your answer. Fish contain omega-3 fats that help to fight hunger for hours on end. Chicken, when prepared correctly, can be the perfect fix for hunger. 

7. {Eggs} This is a great way to feel fuller for a longer period of time. Egg whites are an even healthier treat. Whether the bride wants a healthy egg sandwich, or an egg white omelet, this is a great source of protein for the big day.

8. {Oats} Oats have a fiber in them known as beta-glucan, which makes the body release CCK - a hormone that suppresses hunger. A healthy bowl of pure oatmeal, with blueberries and almonds mixed in can keep a bride's energy up for hours upon hours.  

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