An Unplugged Wedding

What is an Unplugged Wedding? It's where you (the bride) ask your guests to not use any electronic device (smartphone, camera, etc) during the ceremony.

While planning the wedding of your dreams, having an unplugged wedding might be a bright idea. Especially, since almost everyone that you know loves social media, I mean who doesn't?! Considering the idea doesn't make you sound prejudice or have unfounded hatred towards Facebook. It's only convincing your guests to have respect for you and your significant other on your wedding day! Besides, we don't want to see iPhone in the gorgeous wedding pictures, now do we?
Your ceremony is the most intimate part of your wedding. Its the glue that holds the whole day together. This is where you and your significant other are becoming one. Sooooooo, technical devices need to be silenced and to be put away during this time. Your guests need to have their full attention on the stars of the show. A super easy way to get your point across for devices to be put away, is by adding a sweet and simple line in the invitation. This shows each of your guests this is something you expect and wish for them to respect! Then on the day of the wedding, if you have programs, just simply add a reminder. If you don't have programs, just let the officiant announce the expectation you have from your guests.
The reception is the time where you celebrate and have fun! Transitioning from ceremony to reception can be super easy. There are creative ways for your etiquette request to smoothly shift gears and for your guests to still have their technical devises out!
Here are some examples:
1. Create a Sign that your guest will see entering the reception area. Many many cute ideas could be found on Pinterest.
2. Place a note on the tables! You could say something along the lines like, Thank you for being present for the this special time in our lives! Please feel free now to bring out your technical devices and continue celebrating with us by taking pictures and using the hash tag, #oliviaandchriswedding.
3. Let the DJ/Musician announce the request! Sometimes, people just aren't visual learners :)
Either you are for an unplugged wedding or not, this is all your decision. Your wedding day is all about you, just really consider all the details (with the wedding and with guests) that come along with it.

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