The {Considerate} Bride

The {Considerate} Bride:

This is your big day, however a huge part of your wedding is your guests. Here are five things you might want to consider while planning your fairytale wedding…

1. Food Allergies: Whether it is by choice or genetics, chances are a few of your guests will have some sort of food allergy. We recommend you have at least one vegetarian option and have the caterer/chef provide a list with the ingredients for each dish.

2. Rain Plan: When picking your date, you cannot predict the weather. Having an outdoor wedding can be beautiful; however nothing is worse than a mid-afternoon rainstorm rolling through. Have a legitimate back-up plan.

3. Seating: Have enough seats! Making your guests stand, especially your elders, is not ideal.

4. Know Your Timeline: Who likes to be rushed? Give guests plenty of time to save the date. Also, this will give your wedding party ample time to plan all of the appropriate events.

5. Be Honest About Your Budget: Chances are that your parents are helping pay for most or all of your wedding. Be honest with your wedding planner about your budget, so that you don’t go over the intended amount.


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