Color theory

{photos borrowed from Loverly}
Prior to the Victorian era, a bride married in any color-even black was popular in some countries. In Eastern cultures brides often chose red to symbolize auspiciousness. It wasn't until Queen Victoria wed Albert of Saxe-Coburg where the savvy Queen wore white only to incorporate some lace she adored. After the official wedding portrait was published, brides opted for white to follow suit to the  Queen. (Some things never change.)

Many people assume that the color white is chosen to symbolize purity, truth be told and art historians will agree that the color blue is actually connected to purity, piety, faithfulness and the Virgin Mary.

So as we prepare to hit the NYC Bridal Market next week we expect to see more of a push into even deeper shades of Ivory, Ecru, Blush, Blues and Red for the coming season. After all, what is more pure than colors found in nature?

The REAL question is- are brides ready?

We've got one Finery bride that is and we can't wait to post pictures of her custom Olia Zavozina gown and her wedding next month. I die, you die-it's going to be AMAZING.

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